Monday, May 14, 2012

Country Bum-Kids, review

So, I love ordering products from WAHMs.  I love supporting local businesses here in my area, and I just love being able to support mamas like me who choose to stay home with their kiddos.  I wish I had some fantastic ability or creative outlet that I could use to make some extra cash - instead, I just spend cash on cloth diapers.  :3  Whoops?! 

Anyway, I recently placed an order with Country Bum-Kids for a Mockingjay diaper.  I had caught a few Hunger Games diapers out there on sites, but never found one I liked, or for a price I liked, or in a pocket diaper format.  I didn't want a fitted because having it covered would seem like a waste!  And some were a bit out of my price range.  So, I hunted and finally posted on the WAHM group on facebook, asking who could make me a Mockingjay diaper.  I received a ton of responses, but went in order by who posted and I am so glad that Trina from CBK was my first!

Is that not super cute?  My lighting was off as it was a quick snap of the iPhone camera, but it does say, "May the odds be ever in your favor" on the butt.  How. Fantastic?!

Anyway, Trina was a joy to work with for this, and boy is she fast!  I placed the order, she got the embroidery over a weekend (the wording needed to be changed from the original format she found as the quote was incorrect) and then boom, I paid and boom, diaper was at my doorstep.   Seriously, it was incredible.  I've had in-stock diapers take twice as long to appear in my hands. 

The quality rocks!  It has a ton of snaps, so sizing options are bountiful.  It's super soft, absorbs very well and hello, it's got a mockingjay on it.  Epic!  It is definitely a favorite, and already has been worn quite a few times.  Anywhere we go that it's visible, someone asks me about it or comments about how awesome it is.  And the functionality is to die for; not to mention, this mama makes affordable and high quality customs.   Aria wore this bad boy for 4 hours with only one insert, nursed 4 times during that period and took a nap

So I highly suggest taking any custom orders you may want to CBK.  Trina is a very efficient worker and is thorough in answering questions - not to mention was exceptionally patient with all of mine.  :)  You won't be disappointed! 

(I have to admit, I already have placed another order with her... eek!  Excitement!)

Oh, and another comment, Trina also does diaper credits.  As taken from her FB page:

"CREDITS: I do something not a whole lot of diaper makers do (if any do), I will take diapers you don't want as credit towards a NEW diaper! They must function or be something I can fix. I'll give credit depending on the condition of the trade diapers. Just let me know what you have, message me with pictures of them and let me know if there are any defects and I'll know if I can fix them. If I cannot fix them I cannot accept them. I will give you an estimate of credit solely by pictures and information you provide (this estimate is not guaranteed). Please thoroughly look over the diaper and note any defects, take pictures, etc. I will point out any flaws I find that you did not mention when I get them and if it's something I cannot fix it I can send it back to you or you decide if you want it thrown away but you will not get credit for it. If this is done repeatedly, I will no longer accept credit diapers from you. They must be shipped to me, at that point, I will look them over and confirm credit amount and reimburse you (through credit) for part of the shipping cost to me. I am an honest person and also a parent. That is why I came up with the credit idea. I like to save people money when I can."

So - go place an order with Trina, because you'll never regret it!

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