Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Rumparooz (aplix & snap)

Double gussets.  I absolutely, positively love double gussets.  They contain even the messiest of messes; some of Aria's largest blowouts have been in double gusset diapers and have thankfully not escaped.  That being said, the double gusset feature is what attracted me to Rumparooz diapers.  So when I had the opportunity to buy a RAR diaper - aplix style - I leapt at the opportunity.  I was skeptical about the aplix at first, but more on that later.

First of all, doesn't she look so happy to have a heiny embraced in wonderful cloth diaper love?

There she is, rocking the RAR Whale Tale in aplix.  And I tell you what, that aplix is tough!  I haven't had this diaper for very long, but it doesn't get cruddy in the wash and it's strong enough that, should she decide later to undo her own diapers, she won't have an easy task before her. 

And well, I think that pattern is absolutely adorable!  Who wouldn't love that??  As taken from their website, here's a bum view!  (Aria hates tummy time so any time I tried snapping a photo of her own bum, she's thrash and squeal and cry and it wasn't working well... lol)


Anyway, this diaper has lots and lots of room into which she can grow, and is a very soft diaper, inside and out.  Like I said, I praise the double gusset feature!  The inserts also are super-absorbant and we have had no leak issues, and she's worn one of these for 5 hours straight during an unexpected naptime without a double-insert.  Hurrah for dry pants!

We also have snappies, and I love them just as much.  I do have a fondness for snap diapers over aplix, I won't lie.  But for this brand, I'll make an exception over my aplix disliking.  I'm still not convinced I would trade all my snaps... but they're still a great addition to the stash!

I find that RARz not as trim as some of Aria's other diapers, but they do contain any and all messes she's made and I just cannot help but love these diapers.  I find myself reaching for these more often than some of the other brands in my possession.  I know what Aria will be asking for at Christmas this year! ;)

Check out their site or find a retailer near you, because I assure you, you will not regret purchasing one (or more) of these lovely diapers!


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  2. She is a doll! I love the Rumparooz diapers- cute patterns and a nice fit=)