Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ode to the prefold diaper + changing times.

If there's one thing I'm so tired of hearing since becoming a mother, it's, "Well when I was your age and having kids, we did this...

I understand, changing times can sometimes be difficult for people to accept.  However, I do lots of research on the majority of my parenting decisions -- at least, the major ones.  And however different they are from times past, they're what my husband and I personally believe to be the best decisions for our baby.  And sometimes, when people make these comments, it's just in revelry -- like when my mother saw a pocket diaper for the first time, then got nostalgic remembering how she pinned a billion diapers when she worked in the hospital.  That was a (rare) cute moment of the former-mommy commentary.  And I'm not trying to say my mom's bad with this, or any one person in particular; my mom's pretty good about being low-key in terms of interference, and I hear these comments from lots of people.  But sometimes, enough is enough.

The most common one, for me, is hearing about babies sleeping on their backs.  The positive side is that Aria hates being on her tummy, for tummy time, sleeping or anything else, so nobody really tries to argue that I should be putting her on her tummy.  But I still get comments when people see the bald spot she's worn into her hair, or when they see her sprawled on her back with her arms splayed.  However commonly I hear it, this one perhaps bothers me the least, since I couldn't get her to sleep on her stomach if I wanted her to -- which I do not.

The one that most bothers me is hearing how I am doing it "all wrong" by following BLW and not giving my daughter rice cereal.  I do not judge anyone who uses rice cereal, purees, whatever.  I also don't judge people who formula feed, yet I get tons of comments about when I'm going to wean her from the breast -- and she's only (almost) 5 months old!  These comments get under my skin, and I sometimes find it difficult to bite my tongue when I hear them.


Lately, I've fallen into an obsession with something that some people may feel is a bit archaic. 

Prefold. Diapers. 

I know, so many people think I'm nuts.  Pocket diapers, AIOs, AI2s, disposables -- they're all "so easy" to just slap on and go, no fuss.  And I own plenty of pockets, a few AIOs and AI2s as well.  But I have a deep fondness now for prefolds, as well.    I'm not quite "old school" because pins terrify me, so I use snappis.  Maybe one day I'll get bold enough to try... maybe.  lol. 

I'm still learning how to do the best folds with prefolds, and have had a few accidental pee leaks from poor folding, but we are getting there; and no explosion of poop has escaped even the poorest bikini twist!  ;)  So however much I sometimes scoff at the old-school views of parenting... I have to tip my hat to the prefold diaper. 

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  1. Just found you through MBC and thought I'd check out your blog. The prefolded diapers are awesome and I was so hoping to use them. But we can't find a daycare that will allow them. So it's disposies for us :( Only 19 weeks along now, so maybe something will pop up.

    Would love for you to stop by my blog as well!