Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Review: Sbish OBF

So, I have hopped onto the Sustainablebabyish bandwagon.  And oh my goodness, how fabulous is Sbish?

Really, truly, Sloomb products don't need me to write praise about them, as they have a pretty large following -- a wonderful facebook community of Sbish lovin' mamas, of which I'm now a member.  But, for the sake of all things wonderful and squishy, I'm going to spend a few moments raving about the wonderful, amazing, squishy, Sloomb OBF -- organic bamboo fleece fitted diapers.  They come in a variety of fun and fabulous colors, which makes me want every single one of them.  In fact, they're soon releasing a series of Hunger Games colors.  Fantastic, indeed!  (I'm only slightly obsessed with THG)

But anyway, I know -- they seem a bit pricy.  Well, not seem -- they are a bit pricy, in the grand spectrum.  They're my most costly fitted diaper, running at $24.95 a pop.  But seriously, they are 100% worth it!  I have a very heavy wetter, and it sucks up every ounce of urine in a heartbeat.  She can go twelve hours, multiple nursings during that period (we do 1, sometimes 2 dreamfeeds + I nurse her to sleep) and have no leaks.  It's amazing!  This is the only diaper I've used, so far, that can contain the crazy amounts of urine that my little darling releases during her sleep periods.  Combine it with Sloomb wool and well, killer combo!

For me, the ability to absorb and not leak is a high priority.  This is what makes me love the OBF.  It's still soft and squishy, and works well to absorb all that I need.  We were having major issues finding the perfect solution for a nighttime diaper, because Aria -- the little stinker, I love her so -- wakes up if you change her in the middle of the night.  So we try to avoid it at all costs, otherwise it can take 2 hours to get her back to sleep once all is said and done.  If she doesn't wake, we don't fuss with her.  (And most nights, she doesn't wake -- or only half-wakes to nurse and zonk once more)

These are also very easy to use -- no pins or snappis required, since they're snap diapers.  Grab and go, which is great when you have a squirmy little baby like mine.  :) 

However, it is not stay-dry, so I suggest adding in a stay-dry insert of whatever brand you prefer, to keep it from being cold and damp against your little darling's skin.  Also, they shrink -- I suggest highly that you size up when buying an OBF.  They are not deal-breakers for me, however some people consider them to be cons. 

And, of course, like any fitted -- they need a cover.  I suggest wool, but anything works, and we've paired this with multiple covers.  So far, so good with any and all!   If you're looking for a good nighttime solution, heavy wetter or not, I highly suggest you trot over to any Sloomb retailer -- like Ju-Ju Monkey, which happens to be local to me -- and place an order when they're available.  These may not be the most common household name for the cloth diaper world, but they are a pretty sought after diaper and can sometimes be difficult to come across, unless you know where to look.  :)

See, doesn't she look happy in her OBF, topped with some wonderful Sbish shorties?

Close-up of an OBF in action -- without a cover.

She's very happy about her OBF-clothed bottom! ;)

So if you're looking for a fitted diaper that will be well worth every dollar you put into it, I highly suggest trying a Sbish OBF.  Hopefully, you will be as pleased as we have been with the results!


  1. great post! This is one great diaper innovation. Is the material comfy? Not itchy or anything?

    Just followed you on google friend connect. Hope I get a follow back. Thanks!

  2. The material is, in my opinion, very soft. However, if you line-dry them they can get a little stiff... that's where something all-natural like eCover can come in handy! :) I haven't had to use any on mine yet, but I usually do a partial line-dry, partial dryer-dry with them, since they do take awhile to dry.

    Thanks for the follow; will be checking out your blog as soon as I submit this post ;)

  3. Hi Vicky!

    I spent at least 15 min. looking you up. Your blog link isn't listed on your profile at Mom Bloggers Club, so I had to hunt around a bit. I visited before, and said I'd come back. My kids are all past the diaper age, but I thought I'd give a you follow anyway. I think your little girl is adorable. I also liked your zoo pics.

    God bless!

    Tina - mom of 4, author, blogger of 5 blogs

  4. I love the sustainablebabyish | sloomb underwoolies and the longies- they work best for my babies =)