Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Kanga: Review

So today, a review of the Baby Kangas diapers that I recently purchased at Sweet Little Blessings.  Baby Kangas are Canadian-made one-size pocket diapers, made to fit approximately 10-35 pounds.  The outer layer is stretchy, to help fit any baby's body type, and the inside is a very soft stay-dry fleece.  They are unique compared to any of my other pocket diapers in the fact that they have a zipper pocket on the diaper's outside where you unzipper, slip in the insert, zip and boom, good to roll! 

I have this diaper in the above red ladybug color - totally adorable - as well as in turquoise surf.   First thoughts?  Very fun and colorful - and I liked that the inserts were added on the outside.  All my other pockets, you put the insert in from the inside of the diaper and on a few of them, the closure isn't very good so there's a chance of the microfiber insert rubbing against my poor baby girl's body.  As soft as that is, definitely not good for her!  So I liked the idea of having the kangaroo pouch on the diaper.  Though, the website claims you can just open the pouch and shake out the dirty insert... definitely had no luck with that in this household.  However I don't mind touching a dirty insert and dumping it, since I just wash my hands after every diaper change anyway.  No big deal.

Baby Kangas do not come with inserts, so I've been doing trial-and-error with trying to determine how best to prevent leaks.  Admittedly, this diaper has leaked on me more than any of my others, so I have found that in order to prevent leaks (and I'm talking daytime use, not nighttime) I need to at least double-stuff, preferably with a microfiber insert on top of a bamboo insert.  Triple stuffing makes it even bulkier, but beefs up the absorbency and prevents leakage.  It's contained all poo messes nicely, but I've had a couple of wet diapers since starting use.  It seems to me that it just needs some thought and testing to determine which insert combination works to suit your baby.

I like their trim fit, they suit Aria nicely and look as though they'll fit her well as she grows.  I know my sister used a few on her son, who is 16 months and 30 pounds.  So she was able to squish his bum into them.  :) 

Here's the ladybug on Miss Aria:

She's wearing a bit of a skeptical look, but she was also very tired and crabby when I took this photo.  Thankfully, right after she took a nice hour-long nap, so hopefully that'll improve her mood.  (She is just waking up as I type, hubby dashed off to collect her.) 

So as you can see, they fit my 13-pounder nicely and should give her nice room into which she can grow.  Though it's a little annoying testing out combinations to figure out how best to prevent leaks, this is not the only brand with which I've had to undergo that process, so I personally feel it's just part of the cloth diapering experience.  Nothing's ever perfect!  ;) 

If I were rating this diaper on a 10-scale, I'd give it a 7.  Not my favorite of the pocket diapers, however there's no major flaws.  It tends to be one of the last diapers I grab when we're waiting on the clean wash to dry, however I have no regrets in making this purchase.

  Look at those cute colors!

As I said, not my favorite, but not a regrettable purchase.  

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