Thursday, April 5, 2012

beware of primitive mom.

I am tearing up I'm loling so hard.

So, I've neglected to update.  Not that this should come as any surprise, especially because I don't really plan to publicize this blog - it's mostly a personal record for myself.  But after a fabulous little experience today at Target, I've decided I need to start updating my blog more often so, if for nothing else, I can remember the crazy moments in life.

I got in just recently from running errands. It's a nice day and since I'd rather wear Ari and push my groceries in a cart than push her and carry them, I had her in my Ergo. We're at Target and I'm looking at breast milk bags when I hear, "Oh good God there's another one of those dirty hippie moms. Will we ever escape the caveman era?" I begin glancing around curiously, wondering who these two girls to my left are looking at...

Then I realize, they're glaring at me!

I'll add, they're looking at formula (which I have nothing against, don't get me wrong), pushing a Stokke stroller (again, I have no problems with it, other than refusing to pay a month's worth of mortgage on a stroller lol) and glaring at ME while whispering loudly between themselves. We make eye contact ...and I arched a brow while the one girl continues going, "Oh she even breastfeeds. How primitive and... hippie of her."

I was having a really hard time biting my tongue, but I just smiled sweetly and said that yes, I wear my baby. I breastfeed my baby. She even sleeps in my bed. And oh my, I left my house without makeup and a shower.  How primitive and caveman of me!  They gave me a disgusted look and quickly buzzed away, whispering to one another. 

Ignorance is obnoxious.

Note, I did shower, but still. lol. Good heavens, though. I don't make snide remarks, let along ones that can be heard, about other mamas. I try very hard not to judge, because you never know what someone's circumstances are.  So who are you to criticize me?

Anyway, this encounter made me realize I need to blog and remember these moments... because life's too short to not pause for a moment and laugh at the crazier parts of our lives.

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