Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finally, normalcy resumes.

Yesterday at 8pm, Chris walked through the door and announced that another insane tax season has come to an end.  I was so happy to see him so early!  I know they were blessed in being ahead of the game this year, thus having gotten their stuff done long before midnight.  I bet his coworkers were relieved to go home as well!

So far, cloth diapering is going well.  Everything fits Aria nicely, some are better than others but I don't want to do any 'reviews' until I've had a few more wears from each diaper.  Everything is working well though, and her diaper rash has completely gone away, so we're very happy! 

And I had another great shopping experience - I ordered diapers from Jack Be Natural, and am very pleased with their service.  Not only did my Kawaii diapers arrive in record time (and free shipping + earning credit toward future orders), but they came with samples!  So I now have, to also test and review:

Lexie Lotion for the baby's skin
Crunchy Clean baby detergent

Things have been a bit crazy, I just got home yesterday - we leave again for my mom's tomorrow night, so I likely won't be posting again until Sunday.  But hopefully I'll have some good photos and will definitely have a review or two to post. 

Also received a great FuzziBunz off the cloth diaper swap, and a great fitted made by Star Baby Designs, which has since shut down sadly.  It's the cutest Three Little Pigs print - I love it!  So, yes.  Lots to test, and lots to review in the near future.

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