Friday, April 13, 2012

A crunchy adventure.

Since Chris is so busy with tax season, my mom came out yesterday for the big Just Between Friends
consignment sale in Oaks.  Since I am a first-time mom, I got into the presale and my mom joined me.  We had a blast!  I got a couple of nice, barely-used Oh Katy diapers to test, as well as a FuzziBunz.  We found all of what we were looking for, too, so that was great.  Well worth standing in line for an hour to wait for the presale, and I'm so glad that Aria just snuggled up in her Ergo the entire time.  I also ordered a Thirsties cover from Amazon, so I am waiting for that to arrive.

Today, we went on an adventure.  I was on the prowl for some bumGenius diapers, so we started at Whole Foods.  Although that location was listed as a carrier of the BG, they only had gDiapers - what a bummer!  So we headed to Macy's where grandma bought a few dresses on sale - difficult to resist a good sale - then headed to my mom's main goal, Ikea.  After meeting with hubby for lunch, we headed to Ardmore in search of the store Nurture.  As promised, they did carry BGs so we got three OS pockets, as well as a Flip cover.  I cannot wait to try them out this week! 

Then, we began a hunt for the Snappi.  After doing some hunting on Google, it said that there was a cloth diaper seller in Phoenixville - not far from my own house.  The name was listed as Wee Essentials, but there was no working contact information.  Since an address was listed, we decided to be super-creepers and drive by, just to be nosy.  We reached the address where there's a house and a sign out front for Blake's Diapers... interesting.  Aria is screaming at this point, so I pull over and nurse her in the backseat while we look on Google for more information.

At this point, I'm so grateful for my iPhone.  haha.

Anyway, we call the number and there's no answer, but mom keeps saying how there is a car in the driveway, so let's just knock and see if anyone's manning the store.  She runs up the driveway, knocks and chats with the young woman who answers the door.  She then comes back and tells me to get Aria and let's go, Blake's waiting!

Well, Blake is a lovely and super-helpful WAHM who runs Blake's Diapers from her basement.  She was kind enough to welcome us in, even though her business is typically run by appointment.  I got all of my questions answered, and made the purchase of the Snappis as planned, as well as a few unplanned purchases.  Isn't that always the story with cloth diapers?! :)

From Blake, I purchased two amazing Indian cotton prefolds, a Sweet Pea cover (the coveted Owls), a WAHMies pail liner in sage and a WAHMies medium wet bag in the owls pattern - can you tell I love owls?  After thanking her immensely for visiting us with such short (read: no) warning notice, we headed back home feeling quite successful. 

So the diapers have been washed and are currently drying, and I look forward to test-driving them with Aria tomorrow!

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